Monday, 22 September 2008

Adapt to survive

Working life is a lot harder than I thought! I can cope with early mornings but it's the first time since school that I've been consistently getting up in the 7's. Coupled with busy-ness both in and out of the office I was absolutely shattered by last Friday evening. But I love it! And the sooner my body adjusts the better, as I can't imagine my time getting any freer any time soon. In fact, I reckon I've still got it super-easy at the mo - it's just a bit of a shock after an August in which I became a little too familair with both my sofa and the BBC's coverage of the Olympics!

There's one big prayer request this week for anyone who's that way inclined. As far as i'm aware (still not yet confirmed) I'm going to be speaking at CU fresher's event this week. They're doing a lunchbar along the lines of 'If you could ask God one question, what would it be?' and I'm charged with the task of providing some answers. Should be interesting! I'm really excited tho - I've been itching to have a crack at a CU talk for a year or two now so it'll interesting to see how I get on. But at the end of the day, the important thing is that the good news gets out there so please pray that I'll be a faithful steward and a clear communicator of that very truth.

Speaking of evangelism etc there are a couple of things God has put on my heart over the last few weeks. First, I'm praying that this fresher's week/fortnight/term every single student will have some kind of contact with God. That's right, every single one - all 40 odd thousand of them! Whether it's a full blown face-to-face divine encounter or a brief glimpse of an Alpha poster on the side of the bus, I'm praying that God would start to infect this city with his presence. Second, I want some more non-Christian friends! Most of my close friends before this year were Christian but now that I work full time at church the scope for life in the 'bubble' has soared. As such I'm asking God to protect and strengthen the relationships I still have (such as old school friends) as well as providing some new ones. I'm fully aware it's no good just asking that and then just continuing to do what I've always done, so I'll have to be on the look out for opportunities and then go and take them. (I'm hoping they involve lots of football!!)

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Step 3 (..slowly getting there!)

Doomed to fail and I'm not the first;
Neither will I bring down the curtain.
Surely one - somewhere?
Not out of this lot.

Saftey in numbers then,
Black brings white into view after all.
We're helping, I'm sure.
- Bamboo words, as if He needs a contrast!
True diamionds sparkle on the shelf and in the mud - there's no room for Rasputin theology here.
The lines are redrawn and the chasm widens.

Bad news, then. Still.
It must be game over this time.

With the hills in sight the spotter would do well to stay vigilant -
There's only one way out from here.
Red ink flows off the seat for the last time,
Drop by agonizing drop.
New covenant, new contract - now written on hearts. Stone wasn't strong enough.
No signs and no signatures, but deliverance?
You bet.
The goat's not coming back this year.

No longer an exchange rate but a rescue package!
And it took a lot more than a parachute to slow my descent:
I can see the ropes on those things; no data required for this decision.
Blind? Maybe. Necessary? Without doubt.

But it's his deal, his headlines.
I just stand here amazed,
Not even I could seek out column inches for this one.

Here today, gone and thrown on the fire by morning;
Without the rain at any rate.
No boasting from the grass, yet growth continues on the promise that more is to come.
Why? Well that's the cloud's prerogative.

Step 2

Two-by-two as the saying goes; count the judges in the courtroom
One brash, arrogant - the 5 digit code still prominent on his wrist,
Echoes of the past; a sure sign of future failures
Cries of "Guilty" rain down from his mouth -
Speckled records don't pass here, even with the timber blocking the view.
Stocks plummetting, equity moored in the negative.
Oblivious. It won't hit the fan just yet.

Another watches from the balcony
Still with splinters to show for his work - my house, my rules.
Time bidden, the potter gets his say.
Reward and ruin dispensed with unerring accuracy.
Night does follow day.

Sunday best and warm fuzzy thoughts won't cut it here,
Gold stars and Jesus points aren't enough.
It's peeled back hearts or bust:
You can bin your checklist without one.

Confident? I think I'll call for back up.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Day 1

I'm up and running!

First off a massive PRAISE GOD! for his provision. I'm edging ever closer to my target and am just blown away by how faithful God has been and how generous everyone who's supporting me has been/is too. It might sound strange, but I'm not actually shocked that the money's come in - I'm just super-grateful it has!

It was so good to finally get into the office today and get started after talking about it for soooo long. It's great too that I already know my way around which meant I was really able to hit the ground running.

I still find it slightly weird that this my job, this what I'm doing with my life - it's crazy but I love it!

I decided when I started this blog that I wanted to comment rather than chronicle so I'm fighting every urge not to just splurge out what's been going on with me. But one thing most worthy of note was reach on sunday. I was really challenged by Rob's talk - that it's not what we receive that counts, but how we re-invest it. God's blessed me, but if don't do anything with it, so what? I'm no different to the servant who hoarded the talent/mina and incurred God's wrath.

(In other news, parts two and three of '16 Steps...' are done, but I'm not going to put them up just yet)